Our Community & Culture


St Agnes’ Primary School values the partnerships between students, families, businesses and schools in our broader community as it can bring mutual benefits and maximise student engagement and achievement.

We network with:

Enlist the support of a large variety of community organisations

Partnership with Newcastle University

Westport Rotary

Birpai Lands Council and local indigenous community members

Catholic care of the aged

Knitting Nannas

Catholic Women’s league - wraps with love.

We organise school events and take part in community events that provide opportunities to showcase students’ talents, raise awareness for local issues or concerns, and extend social networks. These events can help to create a more cohesive community. 

At St Agnes’ Primary School, we encourage your family to share these experiences with your child.

Parents and friends initiatives - colour run

Golf Day


St Vincent de Paul

Winter Woolies

Catholic Care of the Aged

Pre Schools - links with St Agnes and St Joseph's Preschool and daycare centres. Cross-campus activities, reading and games. Support their transition to the school program

Opereration Christmas Child.

Students belong to four house teams for sporting events. These are Boronia, Clarence, Flinders and Kennedy. Our classes are named after three faith elements we strongly promote at St Agnes’ Primary - Faith, Hope and Love. These class names promote connections to our Catholic story and a deeper sense of belonging.  Our Faith, Hope and Love Teams are used for assemblies and gatherings.

Saint Agnes was a young girl who lived during the fourth century in Rome, about 300 years after Christ. At this time, it was a crime to be a Christian and those who did so secretly.

The Governor of Rome’s son discovered that Agnes was a Christian, but he liked her and wanted her to be his friend. The Governor told Agnes that if she were to join his household and stop being a Christian, she would be saved from death.

Agnes loved God very much; she was also very brave and courageous. She refused to stop being a Christian, so she was killed. After she was buried, people used to come and pray for courage at her grave. Agnes’ parents visited her grave often and were given great strength and courage.

As a model for us, Agnes has shown us how to be a real follower of Jesus. She has shown us how she walked in love with God. Let us pray these words to her:

‘Teach us to walk in love. Lead us to God.’

Acknowledgment of Country

We acknowledge the Birapai people, the traditional custodians of the lands on which our school resides. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories, the traditions, and culture of the Birpai peoples.