Our school is most effective when good levels of communication exist between the school and our
families. Communication occurs through:

The newsletter (‘Aggies Articles’) is available electronically each Friday afternoon. It includes a calendar
outlining the events of the coming week and advanced dates to assist with long term planning. Articles,
reports and pictures inform readers of recent happenings in the school.
‘Aggies Articles’ can also be accessed through the school App.

Students in Years 5 and 6 have a school diary to enable good two-way communication between the
school and the family.

On occasions, when important information is to be relayed to parents, a whole group/school text message
or email may be sent. Please indicate to the office if you do not wish to receive these.
It is important that changes to mobile numbers and email addresses are relayed to the office.

SCHOOL APP – Schoolzine (SZapp)
Schoolzine is a mobile App for the school to communicate directly to parents and carers. It works through
both smart phones and smart devices (such as iPads and Android Tablets). We are able to communicate –
push notification alerts, school events, newsletters, school documents, and more. In your enrolment pack
we have provided information on how to install Schoolzine. If you have any questions please
contact the school office. Please Click Here for installation instructions


These are held at the end of Term Two each year. At these interviews, both parents and teachers will have
the opportunity to discuss issues related to the classroom and items essential to the education of your
child. Bookings for these interviews are completed online.
Parents are also encouraged to come along during the year to discuss any concerns with the Principal or
teachers. Together, we can address any problems and endeavour to make your child’s school days happy,
productive and enjoyable.
If you require further clarification or further information, please phone or email

We recognise that parents and carers enjoy photographing and recording the progress of their child at
school and on school activities. We recognise that many of you like to share these personal memories
online and on social media. We ask for your cooperation and care concerning the use and distribution of
photographs of other children at our school. Some families have very real legal and safety issues which
could put a child at risk if an image is made public online. More generally, it is respectful of the privacy of
other members of the school community to ask permission before posting an image online. Even if your
social media settings are private, it is easy for images to become public, particularly if they are tagged or
shared by others.


All students assemble under the shelter and move to the school hall on Monday morning for
Morning Prayer and to prepare for the week’s activities.
• School assemblies are conducted once a fortnight on Friday afternoon at 2:10pm. All dates for
these will be in our weekly Newsletters, and published on the school calendar.

Reporting Student Achievement

Our school collates student learning assessments and reports formally to parents twice a year.
Teachers continuously assess students’ learning throughout the year.
• First Semester – June
• Second Semester – December
The report is based on:
• continuous assessment of class work
• child’s general attitude and conduct
• child’s personal and social development
National Assessments in Writing, Reading, Grammar and Punctuation, Spelling, and Numeracy (NAPLAN) are
given in Years 3 and 5. Sydney Catholic Schools Religious Education assessments are given in Year 6.